February 5th, 10

OMADAS launches cloud services - The new and exciting world of cloud based services continues to gain popularity allowing our customers to focus on their core businesses while selectively sourcing their non-critical systems on a pay as you go basis.

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December 5th, 09

OMADAS Launches Apple Solutions With the growing popularity of the Apple based solutions we felt it important to embrace these new and innovative technologies that Apple is manufacturing.

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OMADAS is a revolutionary type of company for the new challenges facing companies today.

OMADAS is a company of IT executives and experts whose proven track-records in fortune 100 companies led them to set up a company and bring that experience to small, medium and large companies alike. We specialize in IT implementations and management with practices in: global implementations, in/outsourcing, process improvement, project management, governance, cost optimization, contract reconstruction, renegotiations, transitions, transformations and cloud services management.

Challenges -The challenges facing today's companies are far greater than ever before.

� Cost reduction - Cost optimization is a constant struggle in IT with new technology and increasing regulations driving up server, network and storage costs beyond sustainable levels. The experience we bring to you can reduce your costs.

� Cloud - With the advent of "Cloud" services or utility-based systems the questions become even more important. When to use cloud providers, which ones to choose and why are only the beginning when looking at these types of services.

� Outsourcing - the number of outsourcing companies is growing while the market is becoming more commoditized

� Technology evolution - As technology continues to evolve faster and faster every year, smart companies use technology to lower cost and create a significant competitive advantage.

Revolutionary - What makes OMADAS a revolutionary company is the approach; Bringing the experienced people who have �been there and done that� to your engagement. OMADAS� relationships with Cloud (utility) providers enables us to provide the very best services available on the market today and reduce your overall cost of IT. We also offer several unique services; putting in part or full time management that can oversee outsourced arrangements, projects or programs for far less that employing a traditional staff.

Extensive executive experience- Over 20 years of experience in fortune 100 companies leading global organizations in all aspects of IT.

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